Summer City :: Bangkok, Thailand


What are the seasons of Thailand? Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring? Nope. Dry and wet? You’d think, but nope. Thailand actually has three seasons: hot, really hot, and REALLY REALLY HOT.

I thought the humidity of Taiwan was too much… but in Bangkok, we spent the day running from air-conditioned place to air-conditioned place. Luckily, we arrived during the “really hot” season, as opposed to REALLY REALLY HOT, which we’re told is around April. We were also told that September is the rainiest month of the monsoon season, but it only rained one night briefly. Another stroke of luck that night: a respite from rain came just as we ventured outside to see the Erawan Shrine.

Someone once told me: “For living in a place with a temperature range of like 60-70F, you Seattleites sure love to talk about changes in weather.” I laughed, because it’s terribly true. Us Seattleites discuss the weather, not just as listless small talk, but with true feeling! But I really do believe that climate is pivotal to the cultural character of a place. The environmental conditions of a place forges the historical, political, sociological, anthropological aspects of that place. These things are more than just fodder for my jokes about the cardigan-wearing folks of the tropics. Anyways, if you’re going to continue reading this blog, prepare for a few discussions about weather when I move to Morocco! I’ll be writing about the broad geo-political issues there, but also about important things like the cooling effects of sweet mint tea! Here in Bangkok, the sun-balm comes in the form of coconut water and mango ices. Divine!

In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is wrapping up. By the time I return to the states, it will be autumn. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to Pacific NW summers for a few years. I’ll miss the temperate blue-grey clarity. For now, I will bear with this heat wilt and endeavor to drink more mango ices!



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