EnTHAIcing Eats in Thailand

The fact that I LOVE Thai food is not a secret. Panang, pad Thai, pad see ew, tom yum… I’m drooling just typing those words!

To be honest though, our food experience in Thailand wasn’t perfect. The reason was because our guide was Taiwanese… and therefore took us mostly to places where they served Taiwanese-style Thai food. I adore Taiwanese food, but it wasn’t the authentic food experience that we wanted. Thai flavors were actually pretty difficult to come by throughout the trip.

Nevertheless, we made the best of it! Here are some of the food highlights:








The best food experiences came from spur-of-the-moment splurges. One evening, we bought mangosteen from a fruit cart and ate it on the side of the road. Another night, Robert and Joey went out and brought pad Thai and stir-fry pepper pork back to our hotel room. We didn’t have real plates or forks, so we improvised using lids and coffee utensils. A different day, at the Pattaya floating market, we saw this guy selling quail eggs from his little boat:


They were heavenly, especially with a bit of pepper dashed on top. Later, my aunt (who is Thai) told us that these eggs were one of her favorite childhood treats.



Food can be an intrepid adventure or the warmest comfort. It can even be paradoxically both. It is revitalizing, both literally and metaphorically. I’m an awful glutton who spends a great deal of time daydreaming about eating delicious things. (As well as actually eating delicious things… second dinner is my favorite meal of the day!) Not every meal in Thailand was perfect, but I’m elated that I’ve finally tasted real Thai food after so many years of dreaming about these spicy & enticing delights.




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