Autumn Aspirations

Hello! I am back in Seattle now, just in time for sweater weather. Also just in time for incredibly obvious metaphors! Clearly, since school’s starting and leaves are shifting colors, it’s an opportune time to refresh one’s own life. Autumn means change. It means fresh starts and clean slates and new beginnings and all that. So, here’s to my season of transition!


I only have three months left here, and I want to make the most of that time. To keep myself accountable, I’m cataloging my Autumn Aspirations, my goals for the months of October, November, and December:

See people: There are often days when I feel reclusive and I don’t want to see anyone, not even my very favorite people in the world. I often get socially exhausted and can’t handle any human interaction. But my time with folks is limited now, so I’m going to force myself to go hang out as much as possible. Friends, please reach out to me if you’d like to hang out ANYTIME!

Savor Seattle: Do all the Pacific Northwest things I love! Go hiking. Eat at my favorite restaurants. Walk around my favorite parks. Sit in cafes. Drink Elysian Night Owl pumpkin beer. I want to do all the city things that have been on my to-do list forever. It’s the perfect time because our new apartment is centrally located. I’m going to do free museum Thursdays at the Seattle Art Museum and Wing Luke Museum, hang out at the Central Branch public library, take walks to Pike Place, go to happy hour at Merchant’s, et cetera.

Study more Arabic: We’ve been taking a few Moroccan Arabic (Darija) lessons from our spectacular friend Nawaf. My goal is to continue to build on that with media resources. Inshallah, my Darija will continue to improve, even swiya.

Prioritize self-care: This last year, I’ve over-extended myself too many times because I keep letting other people’s demands come before my own needs. To be honest, I’ve been a pushover at work. But no more! I’ve trimmed my schedule down so it’s manageable. It’s meant sacrificing some things that I really want to be a part of, but I have to be realistic. I’ve also officially cut ties with all work-places and work-peoples who are bad for my emotional health. From now on, I’m working only with the students, parents, editors, publishers, and admins that I want to work with. I’m valuing myself. A special thank-you to Robert, who has been telling me this all along and being very patient as I ignore him.

Home run: This is part of the self-care regimen. I always feel so much better when I run regularly (yay endorphins!). Yet, I’ve always prioritized other things. Luckily, our new subleased apartment has a treadmill. My goal is to run at least every other day, even if I only have time for a mile or so.

Enter the kitchen: I’ve wanted to start cooking more for a while, but I’ve been slacking. I feel like feeding yourself is a basic requisite in life, so I’m a failure as an adult. I blame my partner for being wonderful and perfect and having the magical ability to materialize food whenever I’m hungry. So this goal is actually a “be a better spouse” goal too. He does the vast majority of the cooking and housework, because frankly, I’m a lazy jerk. Robert is totally fine with this arrangement because he’s a caretaker-type person, but I think it’s time for me to step it up.

Pick up my pen: I feel incredibly fortunate for the literary opportunities I’ve had this past year. I’ve gotten to work with some amazing people in the writing community, people who I respect and admire so much. I’ve been inspired to write more and submit more. I’m going to do anything necessary to keep myself accountable. Hard work, but hopefully worthwhile.


What are your fall goals? It’s a season of change, after all! I’d love to hear about how you’re spending this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Have a great weekend, everyone. I know I will, since I’m finally not working weekends!



15 thoughts on “Autumn Aspirations

  1. Hi Julie! I love your plaid shirt, it’s so chic and versatile! I lived in Seattle for 10 years and I have to say sometimes I still miss those days going to Kerry Park in Queen Anne or happy hour in Belltown. Your post makes me very reminiscent of those good ol’ days 🙂 – Lena

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    1. Thanks so much, Lena! 🙂 That’s so cool that you’ve lived in Seattle before! I adore this city. I won’t always live here, but it will always have a special place in my heart. I hope you’re having a lovely day!


  2. “just in time for incredibly obvious metaphors.” Hahahaha you are SO CUTE and funny! I can totally imagine laughing my face off with you over a yummy dessert or cup of coffee. 🙂 I love your goals and felt so refreshed just reading over them. I am also working on prioritizing self-care and spending more time in the kitchen! I have SUCH a bad habit of over-extending myself and then getting burnt out! I’m really trying to change that. 🙂

    Your outfit is perfect and I LOOOOVE your glasses! Also, you are an incredible writer. Also, I love you. 🙂 ❤ xoxoxo

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    1. JENNY!!! I hope that someday we can get that yummy dessert/cup of coffee (I vote both) and laugh and talk forever! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments. You make my day so much brighter! ❤ 🙂 I got my glasses in Taiwan… soooo much cheaper than American prescription glasses AND so much cuter! Have an amazing weekend, love!!


  3. I love transitional seasons as they present you with the chance to make positive changes in whichever way you may please.. which is a concept you’re obviously also fond of! I adore your outfit in this post, you have such a regal appearance, I can imagine you suiting various different styles! 🙂
    – Thanks for following on Bloglovin’, I’ve gladly returned the favour! –


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  4. I love your outfit! I’ve only visited Seattle, but I wish I lived there. My husband and I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest when we visited almost 2 years ago!


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