Friends, Family, and Baked Goods

I am on target with my goal to hang out with folks more! What a lively, lovely weekend. Much merry! Very convivial! And now, it’s time for me to crawl back into my introvert hole with my book, cuppa tea, and cat.

On Saturday, Robert and I went to lunch with our awesome friend Aussie. I know I literally just came back from Taiwan, but I already miss Taiwanese food, so of course I suggested the Hard Wok Cafe in the International District! Don’t judge me. Given the opportunity, I will always get Taiwanese food, hehe. Plus, Robert loves getting bubble tea with Aussie because it’s a throwback to their days in a pre-med program together. So who am I to deny that nostalgia? 😉






Then we celebrated our friend Leslie’s birthday! It was originally scheduled to be a bonfire at Golden Gardens, but the whims of this Seattle Autumn sky rerouted us to The Ballroom Bar in Fremont. We still had a wonderful time!


On Sunday, we spent an afternoon making baked goods at our friend Lily’s place. It was really wonderful. The only thing missing was Lily’s girlfriend, Michelle. (We had the best double date adventures throughout the summer, but Michelle’s moved to California for her new job. Sad for us!) Today, Lily and I visited the campus library at the University of Washington, where we both used to work—and brought them our gifts of chocolate chip walnut cookies, pumpkin pecan muffins, and pumpkin choc chip bread. It was so great to see everyone. 🙂 I really, truly loved working at the library, and I miss it often.






That night, we stopped by Robert’s parents’ place for dinner. Delicious meaty bowls of chili with jalepeño cornbread and the BEST APPLE PIE IN THE WORLD. My in-laws win. 🙂


I hope everyone had a great weekend too! I am really looking forward to the upcoming week. There are loads of exciting things on the horizon (also not-exciting things like dentist appointments in prep for Morocco). I’ll do my best to document all my Seattle adventures because I know that soon I will want to look back on them when I am really missing home.



9 thoughts on “Friends, Family, and Baked Goods

    1. Yes, I love the Hard Wok Cafe because they’re one of the few restaurants that sell wintermelon tea. Otherwise I can get it at Uwajimaya, but it’s so nice to have it with lunch! And I love Oasis as well! 🙂


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