Tricks, Treats, and the Onward March of Time

I hear PSLs are becoming passé, but I remain loyal to the most versatile of the winter squashes. After all, what other gourd can claim to be spooky and magical and decorative and delicious all at once? Pumpkins are the transit of choice for princesses, the weapon of choice of headless horsemen, the drink of choice for Hogwarts students. They are fabulous in pastry-form: muffins, bread, pies, cheesecakes. And their leaves make some of the most delectable veggie dishes! Aesthetically, they are silly and mythic—and I love that odd juxtaposition.



I spent a lovely day at a pumpkin patch with some lovely people and one lovely puppy. No folklore-ish shenanigans, but plenty of regular tomfoolery!

Robert and I!
Dillon & Jaz
My bro-in-law Dillon and his girlfriend Jaz.


Hijacked by Robert
Dillon being hijacked by Robert. One Bella pup scampering after.


Dillon pretending to be a pumpkin.
Dillon pretending to be a pumpkin.
That one!
That one!


Happy November, everyone! Where did October go already? Things have been happening fast and fiercely. I can barely keep up with my own life. In between the stress though, at least there are wonderful moments like this pumpkin patch trek. I’m a very grumpy and cynical person by nature, but I am doing my best to be more positive. This past month: I’ve cooked some complex recipes all by myself. I’ve published some stuff and I’ve forayed back into journalism. I’ve fostered a cat and got him adopted by some great friends (so I can still visit him). I’ve met a luminary in social justice activism & writing. I’ve taken up some crafty new projects (details to come). I’ve been doing very well on my list of Autumn Aspirations. And best of all, I’ve had fun times with my family, friends, students, and other people I adore. So, rough patches and pumpkin patches and all, it’s been an interesting month. Onward to another!




9 thoughts on “Tricks, Treats, and the Onward March of Time

    1. I know, right! I didn’t realize how attached I would get because I’ve NEVER owned a pet before. It was absolutely amazing and fun and rewarding. It was so hard giving up Cedric, but he’s found the right home. And his new people are good friends of mine, so he’s not gone from my life completely! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Lena! The weather is perfect right now, in my opinion! 🙂 I am a cold-weather person (definitely a PNW person, haha), and I can’t stand it when it’s even 75F-ish! Seattle’s been pretty crisp and dry so far this season. I am looking forward to larger scarves and hot cocoa and fireplaces, at least. How is it in Chicago? I actually don’t know much about Chi weather!


  1. These pictures are so cute! I’ve always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, I’m going to have to go next year! How was fostering a cat?? I love animals so much and if I could I would live in a house full of them! xxx


  2. Pumpkins are fascinating, just like watermelons:) I always wonder how they grow so big. We don’t really have a tradition in Denmark of eating pumpkins, and only recently, we started cutting pumpkin faces for Halloween.
    Cool that you fostered a cat!


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