The Ritual of the Toast

In keeping with the ongoing theme of transitions, I’d like to express my utter excitement about all the life transitions going on around me. I’m not referring to my just my own! So many people in my life are going through huge turning points right now: careers, grad schools, med schools, family expansions, moves, and other embarkments of adventure. Transitions can be murky, so much feeling of limbo and akimbo, but they are so important. Whether it’s a promotion or a confirmation of passion, I want to celebrate your cusps and junctures.

These aren’t exactly the ceremonial consumption of a drink for commemoration, but they are a series of photos from my Taiwan and Thailand trip in September. They represent celebration. I don’t need a special occasion—I think my friends and family deserve to be celebrated always. 😉 So here’s to you all! To solstices and equinoxes! To moving forward.

IMG_5039 IMG_5862






Cheers! Cin Cin! Salud! Mabuhay! Gan Bei! Be Sahtak! And so on.



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