Amping up the Academic-Chic

It’s December, and I’m in denial. I’m leaving in SIX WEEKS. I’m so unprepared. I still need to do basic things like buy luggage, set up my finances, and sell/give away my worldly possessions. Well, something I have done is prepare my wardrobe. (Real nice priorities there, eh!) As an educator and a foreigner, I will need to be careful with what I wear—but I also need to still look and feel like myself. I can’t bring any of the fit-and-flare dresses that are basically my uniform, so I’m trying to be more creative. I’m also trying to buy more sustainably—which means thrifting, second-handing, and vintage buying! If not, then buying from local and small businesses.


I snagged this pleated wool skirt from Hearts and Hearts Vintage (Instagram: @heartsandheartsvintage). Ignore my dirty boots, heh. They were for prancing around in Seattle’s paltry snow this weekend! The vintage skirt is cozy, immaculately stitched, and refined. I love the texture. The shopowner and curator, Sophia, also runs a cool blog. She’s pretty awesome. 🙂


It definitely fits my aesthetic of “cute teacher” or “lovely library lady” (ahahahahaahahahaaa), or what I might call “academic-chic.” I do adore tweeds, twills, and textured tights. I will admit there are a lot of cardigans and blazers in my closet.


It’s also perfect for bundling up in the cold, but also lightweight and swingy enough for some summer days. Morocco will require a lot of versatility.


I’m not a fashion blogger, but I definitely can see the appeal of symbolic raiment. This feels right for someone standing on the threshold of winter and adventure! As everything’s wrapping up, I’m feeling a teacherly bittersweet: sad to leave my current students, but excited to meet my new ones in Morocco. Happy December!



14 thoughts on “Amping up the Academic-Chic

  1. Oh wow in 6 weeks you’re leaving for Morocco? How fun! Though I can imagine how sad you’ll be saying goodbye to those beloved little ones at your school. How long will you be in Morocco? In all essence I wish you well, both during the hours leading up to your departure as well as your journey abroad!! Much love dear! xo~ Lena

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    1. I will be in Morocco for at least 2 years. After that, I plan to come back to the states for grad school before thinking about my next career steps! 🙂 I’m so excited, even as I’m sad to leave everything/everyone here. Thank you so much for your warm wishes, Lena–it means a lot! I hope your week was lovely!


  2. Paul and I are just starting the moving process (nowhere near as involved as yours!) – good luck with everything. And really, clothing is important. You need something to wear!! I am ready planning my clothing move (and ignoring the rest of what I need to do).

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    1. Hi Sarah! Yeah, moving is ALWAYS tough. I’ve literally just moved next door before and it was still quite an ordeal! To a different country now… whew. Best of luck to you guys and your moving process too!! 🙂

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