To My Community–


Complacency, neutrality, & silence in the face of injustice means more than consenting to injustice—it is actively choosing the side of the oppressor. Let’s lift our voices. Let’s talk with our own communities, in rage and compassion. Let’s center what needs to be centered, and not what has been centered throughout history. Let us demand justice and systemic change. #nojusticenopeace #blacklivesmatter

I want to direct people to this post by my friend Jenny of the She Loves Dresses blog. She highlights a way for people—especially privileged people, non-black people—to show solidarity: economic support. Please visit her links to the donation pages of grassroots activists and organizations and consider helping make a real change in the world.



6 thoughts on “To My Community–

  1. I’m so glad that so many people are willing to speak up about this. Whether it is through media platforms or face to face conversations, speaking about this issue and not turning a blind eye to the blatant race/class/gender issues that are still SO prevalent in the US is the first step towards a more equal way of life.

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    1. Yes, absolutely. In the past, I’ve always been too terrified to speak up about injustice–but I don’t want any more ambivalence on where I stand. It’s one thing to put it on my blog, where not that many people will read it, but it’s been an exhausting few weeks of interacting with my real-life friends&family. But that’s okay because I want everyone in my life to know where I stand on this. Neutrality in the face of oppression is harmful. Difficult conversations are amongst the roots of equality and justice!

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  2. I agree it took me a long time that passivity is so harmful and not being apart of the solution means that you are part of the problem. Nothing is ever going to get better if we don’t try to make it better. So here’s to trying! 😃


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