A Merry Message

IMG_7620Sixteen more days in Seattle. Getting to spend the holiday break with my family has been the best gift! (Robert and I had originally planned on leaving in September, so as eager as I am to start working in Morocco, I also think that these extra few months have been a blessing.)

Hall family festivities have been in full bloom. There have even been a few glimmers of merriment among the usual Feng family snark and cynicism, hehe. 🙂 But as much I as adore my own family’s grinchy secular fun, I really love that I married into a family that does the whole American Christmas Thing, complete with wrapped gifts and silverware-required feasts. We won’t be home for the next few Christmases… I’m going to miss my family (both of them) so much.

At least in the last few years, my parents have had a tree! We never had one when I was growing up, mainly because we didn’t have room for one. A few years ago, my dad snuck off to Costco and brought us back some Christmas cheer. (My mom, the grinchier one, made her usual adorable stinkface at it.) Here’s my baby sister and I in front of the offending fake pine:


Yep, red lipstick and wool socks: essential holiday accessories!

There have been a lot of heavy and difficult things going on. I want to speak on them, but I want to take a few breaths before I do. So I’m just taking this quick moment to appreciate the things I have. The holidays are an extra difficult time for so many people. I am so incredibly, heartbreakingly lucky that I have such a loving family.

IMG_7611Wishing everyone warmth & joy, always!



4 thoughts on “A Merry Message

  1. You are beautiful as is your sister too, so wonderful to share these memories and times together before you go. Enjoy it so much :))) Red is perfect on you. I hope your New Year will bring you lots of happiness and new adventures!! Lots of love to you Xxx Kizzy.


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