• beta reads
  • sensitivity reads/cultural consultation
  • resume/cv/cover letter edits
  • personal statement edits
  • academic paper edits
  • copyedits
  • proofreads

Fee & Info

Manuscript Reads: starting rate $250

Fee adjusts for word count, turnaround time, and weight of content. Consultation includes high level overall read, issues highlighted within the text, and a detailed notes page. Turnaround time is 30 days unless negotiated otherwise.

More information on sensitivity reading/cultural consultation can be found at Writing in the Margins.

Resume/CV: $50-$100

Cover Letter: $100

Personal Statement: $200

Full Application Package (includes resume or CV, cover letter or personal statement, and thank you/follow-up letter): starting rate $250

Grammar/Structure Flow Edits: $100-$300

Copyedits/Proofreads: $50+

Content Edits: $200-$400

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